Witness the Wildness of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh in the hub of tiger reserves and wild life sanctuaries. Those who love to visit jungles, this state can be a perfect travel destination for them. This place offers a lot of species of wild animals and one can enjoy the wilderness totally if they plan to visit here.

Apart from some famous national Parks like Kanha National Park and Bandhabgarh National park, there are some wildlife sanctuaries as well which are not very popular among the tourists. If one wants to go for a sanctuary trail in Madhya Pradesh, then following places should be visited.

Karera Wild Life Sanctuary: This is a sanctuary which is a wide one and is spread in an area of 202 square kilometers. This is a place which is considered to be a paradise for those who love to watch birds. Many rare varieties of Indian birds are found here and some which are at the verge of extinction. Popular species noticed here are Bearded Bustard and Colored Bustard. In total one can get to see almost 245 variants of species of birds in this region. Teals’ Indian Robins, Gadwalls and Pintails can be seen here as well. If visited in winter, one can observe a huge block of migratory birds which fly down here near the Dihaila Jheel.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary: This is a sanctuary which is excusive for breeding the species ghariyal which can also be commonly known as the cousin of crocodiles. Indian Ghariyals or Gavials are characterized with slender elongated snouts and it easily helps one to identify the fact that they have been evolved from crocodiles. This sanctuary is located almost 24 kilometers away from Khajuraho and it is at the meeting point of two rivers named Khudar and Ken. Apart from ghariyals the other wild animals found here are Nilgai or Blue Bull, Cheetal, Chinkara and Wild Boar.

Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary: This forest is located at the border of the famous Bandhabgarh national park. It is very rich is flora and fauna. One can get to see lot of wild animals here. Some major animals found here are sambhar, wild dog, jackal, blue bull and porcupine. In fact, one can get to see a lot of varieties of birds here as well.

Ghati gaon Wildlife Sanctuary: This is located in the district of Gwalior and it was built in the year 1981. It was found mainly to preserve and increase the number of Indian bustards in this country. Here one can get to see a huge number of rare bird species and during winter a large number of migratory birds fly down here which is indeed a visual treat.

Itarsi is one of the major railway junctions of Madhya Pradesh. That is why; it is very well connected with the other parts on the state. One can avail this junction to reach this state. To get food in train at Itarsi junction, one can take help from the e catering services provided by the Indian Railways.

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